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VPiX® Training. Adding VPiX® Links

Option 1. Link Your Tour to a Button

Tools and skills needed: You need to be a Level 3 (intermediate) with knowledge of DreamWeaver CS4 or CS5.

ABOVE: Are 3 different sized buttons. You make these in Photoshop and can save them as a JPEG file or PNG file. Show below from left to right are (3) sizes: LEFT: 32 X 32 (b) 48 X 48 (c) 60 X 60. Measurements are in pixels

In DreamWeaver, you will set the graphic, then link it to the VPiX® tour like the HTML code example below;

<a href="http://www.vpix.net/index.php?tour=3752" target="_blank">

To use the Graphic Button (On Click) to show a new VPiX® tour in a new window, you simply change out the last four digits of the VPiX® Tour Link.