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Marketing for Chicago Area Event Space

If you own or operate event space, your biggest challenge is booking all available dates. Hosting weddings, large conferences, or even smaller parties is competitive business. What if there was a marketing tool where you could receive ROI of triple digits on a one-time investment? Hey, that’d be nice!

A recent sample of 500 event spaces in Chicagoland shows less than 5% of these places use a virtual 360 tour. These are not always the biggest but they are the most successful and recognized.

If you combine the highest quality 360 degree digital camera and the finest virtual tour software, you’ll give your venue an advantage. For an explanation of why, check out our last post. Businesses are catching up with use of this marketing channel to increase their bookings. In fact, it is only a matter of time before 30-50% of venues start using this technology. Will you increase your bookings?

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