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Travel Brochure 2.0

The venerable publication hasn’t changed much from its inception by Thomas Cook in the late 1800s. Even in the digital age, the pictures are still at the forefront of showcasing a destination. Isn’t it time we get with the 21st century?

As I’ve discussed in a previous blog, Is VR right for my business, consumers and procurement managers want to understand the product before buying. Think of a 360 virtual tour (no goggles needed) as the travel brochure to showcase your product or location. Think of the tour as a travel brochure for your business.

We’ve surveyed manufacturing and fabricating companies and have found that they believe, “if we could get our prospects into our building we’d close more business.” Or, “if we could get our clients into our building, we’d get more dollars per client.”

The days of expense accounts and travel budgets no longer exist. Yet, businesses have not accounted for this and are leaving money on the table in the digital age. I submit that you no longer have to accept the premise that you cannot have the right people “visit” your location to see your process or unique capital equipment.

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