OK, you’ve decided to go virtual, now what?

So how does this work? What’s the process?

GREAT! You recognize the value that a virtual 360º experience brings to your customers. You’ve decided to add an immersive digital experience to your marketing strategy as a great way to tell your brand’s story. You are busy and want to be bold on behalf of your brand. However, before you commit, you really want to know what’s involved and hope it’s not too difficult, confusing or time-consuming. You’ll be relieved to learn that publishing an immersive experience is simple, efficient and cost-effective. After we capture your images onsite, we head back to the studio where the images are edited and stitched together to produce HDR high-resolution panoramic photos. The panoramic photos are then connected together into a tour and customized by adding in graphic and branding elements. To ensure quality, the entire process from start to finish is typically 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the tour. Here’s the process:



CONSULT — No worries! VRProPix will consult with you on your shot list, direct your shoot and produce an immersive 360º tour that exceeds your expectations. VRProPix rocks with experienced photographers, graphic and digital designers who have past experience working in corporate marketing departments and with creative agencies.


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SHOOT — You choose! Schedule the photography shoot that fits your schedule. Images are captured onsite which typically takes a few hours to a full day depending on the size of the 360º tour. VRProPix will guide you in prepping for the shoot and going over final details to make your tour exceptional.



DELIVERY — This is the exciting part! Integrating your 360º tour online is as simple as adding hyperlinks to wherever you’d like your tours to appear including social media, email signatures, press releases, PDF assets, website and more!



SUPPORT — Relax, we got you covered! Our VPiX technology handles all hosting and platform updates. There’s no effort needed by you or your web team to ensure the best virtual visits are continually delivered across all devices. But, if you’d like a supportive talk, we are local with family-like support to help you with whatever you need regarding support for your 360º tours.



RESULT — Ta-Da! The result is an immersive digital experience that combines great design with an intuitive and engaging interface to guide your visitors through your environment with high-quality 360 photography.


What’s great about this digital tool is that it’s a one-time investment that you’ll be able to use in many creative ways over a long period of time. Virtual reality is proven technology which increases engagement, digital stickiness and reduces the sales cycle. The ROI speaks for itself. Still have questions? We invite your comments below.
VRProPix will make you look brilliant!

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