Control Will Be Relinquished And Given To The Customer

The innovative marketer uses technology to drive opportunity

If you’re the innovative marketer at your company, you may wonder how to use new technology to make you stand out. Peter Drucker has said, “business has only two functions-marketing and innovation”. Thus marketing and innovation are the basis for a company’s success. For this reason, you must consider using innovation within your marketing.

New technology can uncover ideas that lead to new strategy, so let’s use it. The prospect and client are the focus. Your challenge becomes how to align products, services and processes with their needs. Your audience expects to see things that interest them online before they make their buying decision. The digital consumer uses their control to seek a digital landscape that is more immersive and personalized than ever before.

With that in mind, what does the innovative marketer do to answer this demand? Marketers must create content that feels natural, authentic and as interactive as a conversation. If it’s conversational, the content must be shareable. One technology a forward marketer uses is immersive visuals such as a virtual tour. While these tours hit all the marks, not all virtual tours are equal. Not all VR technology is compatible across all social media and digital collateral such as PDFs. The functionality needs be worthy of your brand. For example:

  • Can the tour provide opportunity to generate prospects from within the tour?
  • Can the tour integrate video, imagery or have voice-over?
  • Is the tour branded with your colors and logo?
  • And finally, is there local support if you need attention?

Select a VR technology that at least, meets this test. Moreover, does the VR company have marketing and graphic skills beyond photography? When you select VPiX technology, engagement and sales will increase. We’ll make you look brilliant!