Is Virtual Reality Right for My Business?

Most people under 30 have the best understanding of the many types of VR. Businesses that target this demographic make the best uses of the different versions. However, these early adopter businesses are in the minority; most businesses are not even close to climbing the curve to be in the early majority.

This can be best explained because, like all new technologies, it’s hard to conceptualize the need when “we’ve done it like this forever” is repeated. “Or, we’d love to use it, but heard it’s really expensive,” and my personal fav, “we don’t need that”.  Can your business model withstand the shift in buying behavior that has touched almost all business?

Perhaps you heard about how e-commerce has affected the closing of traditional brick and mortar retail locations? This is mostly because consumers, not only B2C but B2B, want to find what they need and explore and inspect purchases online at their own pace before they buy. This critical notion is at the heart of that question, “is VR right for my business”. Moreover, these applications DO NOT require a headset!

The early adopters of immersive 360 virtual tours has been variations on real estate; either marketing the property for sale or exposing a location as an attraction. With creative application of this concept, your business can benefit from these VR tours too. Perhaps you have a manufacturing process that sets your product apart or you manufacture capital equipment. Not only can a VR tour shorten your sales cycle, but your prospects can save time and money on their purchasing journey by visiting your facility without the expense of loading key decision-makers onto a plane and into a hotel. Think of how much you’d saved if you didn’t need to go to Houston or Portland to help decide that last purchase you made. You only needed to go to Portland!

It’s our technology that separates us from anything else offered in the Chicago market. If you’re a creative business person who needs a competitive edge, then we’d like to have a conversation with you. We’ll show you the value of being able to integrate your existing marketing assets into our tours. Nobody else can make that claim.

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