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Does Google own your online search branding?

Have you seen your public facing google search page listing?

It’s my business to search these pages and I’m going to tell you something that you’re not going to want to hear; a majority of images on your business page are not ideal for your branding. Yet, you have absolutely no control over this aspect of a Google search on your company.


If you have a business, large or small, and have set up a Google My Business account, Google shows the outside of your company via “street view” and allows pictures of the interior space if you own a business with public access.

Google tells its business clients that having more pictures and other media on your search page will increase SEO. How’s that working out for you? Can you quantify this data? Did you know; anyone with “access” can upload pictures, videos or even VR tours on your public-facing search page? They don’t need your permission; people that want to make images only need Google’s permission. I almost forgot a key point here; you don’t own the images unless you buy them. For marketing types like me, that’s frightening.

I tell you this because most business owners and marketing people are not aware that there is an alternative to this monopoly. I’d love to tell you about how to bring your branded images and VR tours onto your marketing segments and platforms. Are you happy with only one option that you don’t control? We’ll make you look brilliant.

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